About Cross Cultures

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Cross Cultures by Cheryl Tiu is an events platform under <cheryltiu.com> that was founded on the premise that food is one of the most accessible ways of exchanging cultures.

It is the sharing of culinary experiences and talents between chefs and cooks, between countries and continents—a mechanism for discovering new flavors and cultures.

The aim of Cross Cultures is two-fold: introducing the Philippines to cuisines from overseas, and likewise introducing different countries to the Philippines by way of our cuisine.

We aim to remove misconceptions and boundaries, in order to better connect and integrate, and build a global community.

In the Philippines, Cross Cultures he has collaborated with some of the world’s best restaurants and chefs like Gaggan (Thailand), Narisawa (Japan), Central (Peru), Quintonil (Mexico), Jungsik (South Korea), Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao (Spain), Gallery Vask (Philippines), Cure (Singapore), Hey Handsome (Philippines), Hertog Jan (Belgium), Toyo Eatery (Philippines), Odette (Singapore),  Locavore (Bali), Neolokal (Turkey) and Discovery Primea (Philippines), as well as African food movements, Eat Ethio and Rachaleve’s Kenyan Cuisine.

Cross  Cultures has also brought Filipino cuisine overseas, starting with Hong Kong, working with Filipino chefs from 42nd Davis, Linguini Fini and Rocco’s Pizzeria, and the Philippines’ lechon diva, Pepita’s Kitchen.


You can reach Cross Cultures at crossculturesbycheryltiu@gmail.com 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cross.cultures

Facebook: www.facebook.com/crossculturesbycheryltiu/