How Cure’s Andrew Walsh and Hey Handsome’s Nicco Santos Crossed Cultures At Our Recent Collaboration Dinner in Manila

We just capped off 2 back-to-back nights for our latest Cross Cultures collaboration featuring Andrew Walsh of Cure in Singapore and Nicco Santos of Hey Handsome in the Philippines. That’s #CureXHeyHandsome and #CrossCulturesByCherylTiu if you wanna have a scroll on Instagram.

I recently wrote about Nicco and Andy here, if you want to know a little bit more about their their culinary backgrounds. In the process of this collaboration dinner, I was asked a few times,  “What made you decide to  pair Cure and Hey Handsome?” Cure is one of my fave restaurants in Singapore that’s slightly underrated. I’ve been three since it opened mid-2015 (read my first review about it here),  and each time, it just keeps outdoing itself. Andy’s skill, professionalism and maturity are top.

Hey Handsome is one of the hottest restaurants in Manila today, and Nicco’s flavor palate is wonderful. (Read my review about it here.) Both share the common denominator of having lived in the Lion City. What I didn’t know was when Nicco first dined at Jason Atherton’s Esquina (when Andy was still head chef- he opened the restaurant in Singapore!) and later on at Cure, it was his dream to cook with him!!! So wow, we are thrilled this all became reality 3 years later. After all, while Cross Cultures is about exchange of cultures through food, it is also the sharing of culinary experiences and talents between chefs and cooks, in order to build a more global community, and all grow personally and professionally.

Here’s a photogenic recap of our two-night event. We served 8 courses to 50 pax per evening (so that’s 100 pax total, whew!) with 4 kinds of wines courtesy of Sommelier Selections, and Teeling Irish Whiskey (where we introduced to the Philippine market for the first time, as Andy is also Irish– and Teeling happens to be his favorite whiskey! You can order it on Gurkka and they can ship to anywhere in the PH!). Thanks also to Makati Diamond Residences, which was the official residence of the Cure team- Andy and chef de partie Kevin Wong- in Manila. A part of the proceeds of the dinner will benefit Action Against Hunger Philippines.

We hope to see you at future events! xx

Hey Handsome- Full House for the Cross Cultures by Cheryl Tiu Pop-Up with Cure Singapore
Full house at Hey Handsome for both nights on March 21 and 22, 2017 for our Cross Cultures: Cure x Hey Handsome collaboration dinner, yay! (Photo courtesy of Luther Abcede)
Cross Cultures by Cheryl Tiu- Hey Handsome- Cure
All the information you need on our chefs and event, right here. (Photo courtesy of Luther Abcede)
BBQ Mackerel with Green Curry, Coconut Rice, Peanut- Andrew Walsh- Cure
Andrew Walsh: BBQ Mackerel with Green Curry, Coconut Rice and Peanuts (Photo by Martin Banaag)
New Harvest Mishrooms with Tamarind, Red Apple, Brown Butter- Nicco Santos- Hey Handsome
Nicco Santos: New Harvest Mushrooms with Tamarind, Red Apple, Brown Butter (Photo by Luther Abcede)
Foie Gras Brulee- ANDY
Andrew Walsh: Foie Gras Brulee with Cinnamon Sugar (Photo by Luther Abcede)
Charcoal Rice Roll with Prawns, Cucumber and Rice- Nicco Santos- Hey Handsome
Nicco Santos: Prawns, Charcoal, Cucumber, Rice (Photo courtesy by Martin Banaag)
Quenee Villar of Hey Handsome and Kevin Wong of Cure in Singapore- Cross Cultures
Hey Handsome head chef Quenee Villar and Cure chef de partie Kevin Wong (Photo by Luther Abcede)
JP Anglo, Bea Acosta, Meya Cortez
JP Anglo of Sarsa and Kafe Batwan, Bea Acosta, Meya Cortez (Photo by Luther Abcede)
Sher Sy, Chico Sy, Carol Sy, Hans Sy- Cross Cultures by Cheryl Tiu- Cure- Hey Handsome
Sher and Chico Sy, Carol and Hans Sy
New World Manila Bay General Manager Mark Heywood- Cross Cultures x Cure x Hey Handsome
New World Manila Bay’s general manager Mark Heywood (Photo by Luther Abcede)
Neil Castillo, Finina Tugade-Castillo, Jenny Yrasuegui- Cross Cultures- Cure- Hey Handsome
Neil Castillo, Finina Tugade-Castillo, Jenny Yrasuegui (Photo by Luther Abcede)
Cheryl Tiu, Clarisse and Chris Tiu- Cross Cultures by Cheryl Tiu x Cure x Hey Handsome
Cheryl, Clarisse and Chris Tiu
Apollo Lara and Tracianne Estrada- Cross Cultures by Cheryl Tiu x Cure Singapore x Hey Handsome Philippines
Apollo Lara and Tracianne Estrada (Photo by Luther Abcede)
Beef Short rib with Burnt Cabbage, Chorizo, Egg Sauce- Andrew Walsh Cure
Andrew Walsh: Beef Short Rib with Burnt Cabbage, Chorizo Jam and Egg Sauce (Photo by Martin Banaag)
Duck (Breast, Leg, Porridge)- Nicco Santos
Nicco Santos: Duck Breast and Leg served with Coconut Porridge, Rhubarb, Cherry Blossom and Fermented Durian  (Photo by Martin Banaag)
Nicco Santos and Andrew Walsh- Cross Cultures- Cure- Hey Handsome
Twinning. (Photo by Luther Abcede)
Ice Cream, Gula Bali, Sampaguita, Soy Bean by Nicco Santos- Hey Handsome
Nicco Santos: Ice Cream of Gula Bali, Sampaguita and Soy Bean (Photo by Luther Abcede)
Milk, Honey and Lavander by Andrew Walsh of Cure in Singapore- Cross Cultures Event- Hey Handsome
Andrew Walsh: Milk, Honey and Lavander (Photo by Luther Abcede)
Teeling Irish Whiskey- Cross Cultures- Hey Handsome
We were thrilled to have been able to introduce Teeling Irish Whiskey to the Philippine market– in two variants, one aged in rum casks, the other in wine casks (both are great but the wine one is more my liking.) It also happens to be our Irish-born Andrew Walsh’s favorite Irish whiskey! (He has it in Cure in Singapore, and enjoys drinking it on the rocks.👌) We served it as a digestif to cap off the evening.
Cheryl Tiu (Cross Cultures), Nicco Santos (Hey Handsome), Andrew Walsh (Cure)
The Hey Handsome’s and me! (Photo by Luther Abcede)
Jollibee Staff Meal at Hey Handsome after Cross Cultures Event
Post-service grub.. Jollibeee!! With we paired with Sommelier Selection’s lovely Coteaux du Languedoc Le Mas. I tell you, it’s more fun in the Philippines!